Thursday, September 21, 2006

E Coli (Spinach) Fears? Try Wine & Oregano

For those of you reading this blog posting months or years from now (as I type it is early in the morning of Sept 21, 2006), there was a recent, nationwide outbreak of E. coli linked to spinach. If you thought it was hard to get Americans to eat their greens before, imagine what it's like now.

So whether you're reading this in September of 2006, you're a future reader who's concerned about food poisoning or you're curious about wine there's an interesting post over at Scientific American's blog about the
chemistry of wine. What's this got to do with E. coli? Well, it turns out that mixing wine with oregano, cloves, cinnamon or lemongrass creates a powerful antimicrobial cocktail. If used, say, in marinade, you can keep your meats and tainted vegetables free from harmful bugs.

The Scientific American blog posting also points out how the alcohol in wine can strengthen teeth. "Alcohol fortifies the dentin in teeth by removing water," explains Scientific American. But it doesn't last. The "effect disappears instantly once [the wine] is removed," one expert noted.

While it's too bad that the teeth-strengthening benefits don't last, it's interesting to see that there's more to one of humanity's "oldest agricultural creations" than meats the mouth, nose or brain.


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