Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Look at the Other White Meat

Recent analysis by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and reported by ABC News, shows that pork is actually leaner than chicken. Whereas chicken has just over one gram of fat per ounce, pork has slightly less than one gram. The difference is miniscule (about .01 grams per ounce), but over the last 10 years, "the percentage of saturated fat in the six common cuts of pork has decreased by 27 percent."

Also, pork "contains higher amounts of Vitamin B-6 than most meats," reports ABC.

Despite these facts, a "cloud" remains over pork.

According to the ABC article, pork has a bad rep for two main reasons. One, its forbidden by the Muslim and Jewish faiths. Two, you can catch a worm parasite called trichinosis from pork. At least you used to. Or maybe the risk is so low now that it's not an issue anymore. ABC News didn't really explain, they just said that catching trichinosis from pork "is no longer a problem in the United States."

Alas, the cloud remains. And per capita pork consumption has been stuck at 67 pounds for the last ten years. Meanwhile, in that same time, chicken consumption has gone up from 70.2 pounds per year to 89.2 pounds per year.

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