Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vitamins: Another One B-ites the Dust

This has been a rough year for foods and vitamins that we once thought were extremely helpful for our bodies. When I started this blog in May, three of the first 12 posts were about health favorites like green tea, soy and multivitamins turning out to be not-so-healthy. They're still good for you, just not as good as we once thought.

And now, just a few weeks later, there's another health superstar to knock down a peg: vitamin B.

Why has vitamin B been bumped to the B list? So far this year, we've learned that vitamin B does not appear to lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes or improve memory as once thought.

Previously, it was suggested that vitamin B could help maintain memory in our Golden Years. However, a study reported by CNN finds that, "B vitamin pills failed to help keep elderly people's brains and memories sharp in the longest study yet to test this approach."

Also, the Washington Post reports that B vitamins, "do not appear to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke," as once thought.

The same Washington Post link also pointed out that new study's show echinacea does not appear to fight the common cold, multivitamins are not a silver bullet against chronic diseases and calcium supplements are not a very good way to protect against brittle bones.

Science may come up with a pill, or two, or five hundred (if pharmaceutical companies have anything to say about it) that act as silver bullets against disease and disorders. But for now, it seems like healthy diets and exercise are your best defenses.

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