Monday, July 03, 2006

Cow Brains and other Healthy, Disgusting Foods

Ask Men recently posted a feature titled "Disgusting Foods that are Good for You." And I couldn't resist but add a write up to this blog.

Oily Fish
Slimy, stinky and a taste that lingers in your mouth for hours (if not days), herring, sardines and mackerel deserve the attention of health-conscious eaters. These fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids which boost HDL (good) cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. Also, Ask Men points out that, "these 'good fats' improve blood vessel function and reduce the risk of blood clots, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease."

If you've got a date planned, keep this in mind. The taste of these fish is so potent that, "if you were to take a bite of one and then touch your lips to a water glass, the entire glass would smell like fish even after you washed it," according to Ask Men.

Call it "fermented" if you want, but kimchee is rotted cabbage and vegetables that smells like "sweaty feet." It sounds more disgusting than it tastes. I like the taste, myself. And if you do too, then you're in luck because kimchee is packed with vitamin B, vitamin C, it may reduce some types of cancer and the stuff keeps you regular, too. Also, as I blogged earlier,
kimchee may protect against bird flu.

Should you feel adventurous and pick up some kimchee, beware. Not only does kimchee have an odor resembling sweaty feet, "after you’ve eaten kimchee, you smell like sweaty feet," reports Ask Men.

Beef Brains
If you can stand the sensation (or thought) of cow brains in your mouth, then you may add this great source of niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin C and iron to your diet. Ask Men also explains that beef brains are packed with protein, low on calories and, if you're still on the Atkins diet, rejoice: cow brains have zero carbs.

Unless you're from the UK or Australia, you probably haven't heard of Marmite (or its cousin, Vegemite). Perhaps that's because American grocery stores are a bit leery of carrying "concentrated yeast paste" that you're supposed to spread on your toast. What's unpleasant about marmite is the odor and, unless you like very salty flavors, the taste. Ask Men compares the odor of marmite to "old socks." (Not to be confused with kimchee which smells like sweaty feet, I suppose, because it has a riper stench.)

However, should you get past the smell and taste, marmite is loaded with vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid. Marmite is also free of animal products, and "nearly fat-and sugar-free," says Ask Men.

And just think, you used to complain when your mom put broccoli on your plate.


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