Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To Improve Memory, Shed Some Pounds

A new study suggests that obesity is linked to memory function. According to a posting at, a hormone called leptin, which regulates appetite, has trouble entering the brain in obese people. However, as it turns out, leptin does more than tell the brain to stop eating. "We've now found leptin affects the brain in other ways, compromising learning and memory," says Susan A. Farr, Ph.D.

In lab tests, mice that were given leptin boosters had "improved learning and long-term memory," said Dr. Farr. To test this, her team used an old classic: the maze.

Interestingly enough, leptin seemed to help out on "older mice that have Alzheimer's disease," Dr. Farr explained. On Alzheimer stricken mice "leptin worked even better and at a lower dose than it did in younger mice."

Speaking of Alzheimer's,
a study reported by ScienceDaily found that calorie restriction may fight the onset of the memory-killing disease. According to the report, people with Alzheimer's "exhibit elevated levels of beta-amyloid peptides that cause plaque buildup in the brain." In mice, it was found that calorie restriction reduced the presence of these peptides in the brain.

The study also revealed that one of the best ways to contract Alzheimer's is a diet high in saturated fat. "High caloric intake based on saturated fat promotes Alzheimer's type beta-amyloidosis," read the ScienceDaily article.


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