Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Sunscreen Epiphany @ The Magic Kingdom

Last week, Reuters reported, "Skin Cancer Epidemic Sweeping U.S." I only noticed this as I did a bit of research for this posting. Is there not enough time in a news cast to cover this kind of story? Or do people just not care about skin cancer? Mix of the two?

Well, if you don't care about skin cancer, how about keeping a younger, not-so-wrinkled appearance? I'll explain. Let me tell you about a trip I took to Disneyland last year.

As I was loitering outside of one of those really crappy, disgustingly expensive, but really filling restaurants at the Magic Kingdom, where there are like four choices on the entire menu, I noticed an older woman sitting by herself with a strange pattern on her arm. She wore a tank top, so the entire arm was exposed. From the shoulder to the elbow, the skin was smooth and white; from the elbow to the hand, it was brown and wrinkled like a prune. The skin on her face was also leathery and wrinkled, but not the exposed patch from the shoulder to the elbow. Get it?

Not only is it a good idea to avoid the sun for reasons related to skin cancer, but it ages your skin. If you're not afraid of dying from skin cancer, maybe you're vain enough to protect yourself. For me it's a mix of both. And now I put sunscreen on my exposed skin every single morning. No joke. It's as regular as brushing my teeth. Then again, I live in southern California. And no amount of lotion is going to save me from the carcinogens in the air. You just can't win.


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